from concept to execution,
we offer “communication that leads to sales”

Voice_heads_600x600_Advertising We go above, we go below, we even pole dance at the LINE!

Voice_heads_600x600_AdvertisingComplete Plans or adhoc projects.

Voice_heads_600x600_AdvertisingOur Creative Department loves challenges!

Voice_heads_600x600_EventsPromotional Activities
Design and execution of your promotional activities.
We start by identifying your needs, find the venues, build your “presence” whether is a big tradeshow booth or a promotional stand and provide you with a great selection of promoters, models and actors.

Voice_heads_600x600_EventsCorporate Events
Concept design and production of your events.
Whether is a New Product Launch, Opening of a new store, a Concert, a Conference or a Social Event,
we have a team of specialists to help you in every step.

Voice_heads_600x600_EventsCelebrities Endorsements
Choosing a Spokesperson for your brand, having VIP Guests at your event or even Sponsoring a Concert are challenging tasks.
The selection process, the booking and the final outcome has to be performed in a professional and clearly business oriented way.

Voice_heads_600x600_EventsPRESS & Media Handling
Getting your news to the media.
By using modern technics and personal contacts we can reach traditional media (newspapers,magazines,TV and Radio) and Social Media.
We can help you build long lasting relationships or just promote a single press release. It’s up to your needs!

Our services in Social Media are divided into two main categories:.

Voice_heads_600x600_SocialDigital Marketing Services. Focusing, but not limited, to Social Media Presence management and Campaigns.
Our team is consisted by inhouse and partners, specialized copywriters, community managers, SEO specialists and developers.

Voice_heads_600x600_SocialAdvertising and Promoting through VOICE’s and Partners’s social media.
We offer promoting of your brand in our channels which count over 100.000 active followers (aging 18-45, medium/high socioeconomic status) from Greece.

Voice_heads_600x600_HollywoodVoice Entertainment never forgets its roots!

We serve as a Managing Agency for Artists and also as a Record Agency for artists who wish the full package (productions/management).

Also from the market’s point of view, we offer Artist’s Booking for Events and Sponsorship Opportunities (branding and product placement).

Storytelling and filming is our passion!

Voice_heads_600x600_DirectorTV Commercial clips

Voice_heads_600x600_DirectorSocial Media and YouTube videos

Voice_heads_600x600_DirectorCorporate Videos

Voice_heads_600x600_DirectorTV and Cinema Movies and Shows

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    There is no big or small project.
    We embrace each client and consider him as part of the Voice Family.
    We always promote our clients, and when appropriate we try to mingle them in order to find win-win opportunities in all business aspects.

    In other words, “You join the gang for the long ride”!


    Voice Group is a hub of creative minds.
    Specialists from different areas of communications join their ideas and experience for your projects.
    Marketeers, PR specialists, Journalists, graphic designers, Social Media experts even… models and actors are part of our team!


    Our team’s priority
    is to have innovative ideas. But also to upgrade
    concepts that have worked in the past, to the next level.


    It’s all about budget. We plan according to your needs and your available budget.
    Great projects can be affordable.


    We are team players.
    We can work together with your primary advertising agency,
    your suppliers and consultants.
    Our goal is your final satisfaction.


    Voice Group is an advertising & productions company that derived through the merge of  the agencies
    “Publicity Projects” and “John Kagioulis Productions” .

    “Publicity Projects” has taken many shapes and sizes and keeps changing as the market alters.

    It was founded by the Marketeer and Journalist Titos Antypas in the late 00s.

    In 2007 we were one of the few companies that could handle VIPs and MEDIA in a professional and business oriented way.
    Our first clients were the advertising agencies which used our services for their clients’ needs.

    As the times of “lifestyle” and “social life” in Greece started to fade away, through the right partnerships, t2 Publicity Projects (at the time) went to the next level by adding Promotional Activities design & execution and Event Production to its services.

    This was “IT”. The next years we focused on expanding our services to more areas of Below-the-Line Marketing and adapting to all new trends of Marketing and Advertising. It was time for our small company to hit the big clients!

    Publicity Projects-Titos Antypas-John Kagioulis Εταιρείες Επικοινωνίας, Εταιρείες Παραγωγών, Διαφημιστικές Εταιρείες, Εταιρειες Επικοινωνιας, Εταιρίες Επικοινωνίας, Εταιρειες Παραγωγων, Εταιρίες Παραγωγών, Διοργάνωσης Εκδηλώσεων, Διοργανωσης Εκδηλωσεων, John Καγιούλης, John Kagioulis, Γιάννης Καγιούλης, Τίτος Αντύπας, Τιτος Αντυπας, Εταιρικά Video, Εταιρικά βίντεο, Εταιρικά βιντεο, Social Media, SEO Ελλάδα

    “John Kagioulis Productions” was a very successful PR and Event Productions agency since 2008.
    Their main factor was the Entertainment Industry were they thrived with productions like
    music concerts and huge hoteling parties.

    The founder and CEO of the company, John Kagioulis initially formed Voice Entertainment as a Music Productions company.

    After cooperating in many huge and small projects, “Publicity Projects” successfully merged with “John Kagioulis Productions”, and formed VOICE GROUP.

    A complete multi-agency that can offer a wide range of marketing services,
    with the excitement of a startup company but with the experience of a veteran.

    The passion of an Entrepreneur in all its glory!
    John is a self-made businessman with unique communication skills and an excellent Business Network.
    He started as a party planner and music journalist and he soon became an executive in
    a TV station in the US, focusing on the Hellenic Community.
    Back in Greece in 2010, he started his own company of Concerts Productions and later on, the Music Label “Zero10” focusing on House Music.
    Finally, he decided to broad his business, by joining forces with his good friend and partner Titos Antypas and create Voice Entertainment Group.
    His area of expertise is Movies and Music Productions, Artists Management and Sponsorship Management.

    The “hands on” guy of Voice.
    He actively overviews each project and can be at your side at anytime.

    Studied Business Communications at The American College of Greece and his curiosity constantly inspires him to extend his knowledge in different areas of Marketing, Advertising, Psychology, even Digital Art.
    He was a Social Editor in major Greek Media for over 8 years and that gave him a great insight and networking of the Lifestyle and Social Life of Greece.
    in 2007 he founded the PR & Promotions agency Publicity Projects.
    He then decided to expand his borders and reach new markets, so he teamed with his friend, John Kagioulis and together they transformed his company to Voice Entertainment Group.